Jan Peter Hammer

“Treasure Hunters”
8 March 2017, 7pm
mumok, Vienna, AT

Jan Peter Hammer,
Tilikum, 2013-2015, 45 min
The Same Size as My Living Room, 2013, 16 min
Treasure Hunters (The Art of War), 2017, 20 min

Followed by a conversation between Jan Peter Hammer and Rike Frank

This program offers insight into the artistic practice of Jan Peter Hammer, setting up a dialogue between two works of recent years Tilikum and The Same Size as My Living Room, and the first chapter of a current project, Treasure Hunters (The Art of War). Beginning with the notion of an eschatology of capitalism, a view of history in escalation derived from theological and then later Marxist philosophies, Hammer investigates the circulation of goods, ideas and information under the circumstances of today. His films describe those processes which take even the most remote objects out of their contexts and transfer them into the circulation of the market. This perspective, which is open to criticism, sees both nature and history as mere resources that are just waiting for the moment when they can be plundered—whether they are dolphins that perform tricks in an amusement park or ancient artifacts that have been dug up to be sold on the black market.