Press | Dara Friedman

Dara Friedman
Dichter, 2017
four-channel video projection,
16mm film transferred to HD video, color, sound


Dara Friedman’s exhibition “Dichter” featured in Gallery Weekend Berlin’s reviews:
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Art Agenda by Sofia Lemos
LOLA by Erika Clugston
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A review on “Dichter”:
Frieze by Pablo Larios


Jan Peter Hammer

Jan Peter Hammer
with contributions by Sabeth Buchmann, Jörg Heiser, Adam Kleinman
Published by Mousse Publishing, 2016
ISBN: 978-88-6749232-9
€ 25.00

Jan Peter Hammer
with contributions by Sabeth Buchmann, Jörg Heiser, Adam Kleinman
published by Mousse Publishing, Milan, IT
October 2016