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14 September - 25 October 2014


heat waves, droughts and heavy rainfall

Dear beat
what can I say, how can I describe, there is your energy I can follow and continue and remember and reinvent and re-remember. Your punch and my punch like a fucked up backbone as support for the work.
Die werke entstehen aus einer arbeitsweise, die naturliche wachstumsvorgange und entwicklungsstufen als grundlage
ausuebt? what is there more important in the whole world than our RESPECT to this world and to each other and ALL life on earth..I am not a political artist (yet) the work is a fusion of passions, political conscience or just a conscience, everyday life and fiction at this point in time, every point in time is different and this just comes out of this point right now, because Im not making plans, I don’t have time to make plans..and now don’t type because this is a rant..anyway the path of modern civilisation..ok..and greed consuming throw away and buy new, new from the shops hey and throw away no care no conscience no thought for the/this/our environment.. balance, the fine balance of nature and all things, i know I know also I am part of this society I am not this ambassador of global warming but feel utterly uncomfortable being part of this whole western society thing, I would turn back the wheel of time if I could, i would live in a cave, not this cave I live in now this ex councel flat in london primitive now here (bang a drum) I would like to spread the word use the chance of a public appearance for a cause that is urgent now now now urgent but not dealt with in earnest by all world leaders and medias because in my mind this is all we should put our minds to SAVING THE I said this is a rant you know this I know this ok.. but we prefer to worry about luxury goods fashion and status global warming is the observed century-scale rise in the average temperature of Earths climate system and the global air and sea surface temperature. scientists are certain that global warming was being caused by increasing concentrations of produced by human activities such as emissions from fossil fuel combustion, cement production, and land use changes such as deforestation(wiki) it is a concern, a panic, a deep melancholy, i feel powerless about it, thats why i say it global warming to voice it global warming, for you to say it global warming, think about it global warming, act on it and pass it on! thats how i use it as a collective for my actions, see logo diagram of the warming globe a unity of thoughts in the name of global warming. But you know my work is not ABOUT global warming. the work is fiction heat waves droughts and heavy rainfall is a story, lets talk about the weather, a scenario, a conversation, a secret hideout of a hermit in some sort of percussive post apocalyptic world, a cave in the mountains or an underground bunker, a temple, a sacred place, place for withdrawal channeling energies the show is drumming, rhythm, noise the materials of wood and bone, plastic and metal, paper and fabric. New barrels bought, entered into the tool chain, a new instrument, used again and again. Mudlarking on the river thames. Clay pipes fragments of the past tobacco pipes sailors smoking ceramic becoming stones 300 years later can you smell the river? and then I have a long list of thesaurus words shall I go on ? tell me to shut up ok..Moniker Alias Pseudonym cognomen flag heading tradename identification, then broad general wide universal hermit recluse loner outsider solitary ambassador administrator flag bearer prophet (not profit) messenger, intuitive hereditary native instinctive impulsive DRUM MECHANICAL BEAT STYLE MODE PATTERN PLAY habit approach spirt tone type method manner way personal private secret ceremony rite ritual procedure archaic primeval elementary primordial austere bald bare bleak plane severe spare simple spartan of course RHYTHM LOOK AT THE DRUM pulse swing tempo flow beat pressure pulsation search vibration tick ha…treasure catch find acquisition tut tut ratadada the motor/engine rattling old industrial machine sound the motor the heartbeat engine of the drums to the sound of the engine, sing to the sound of the engine then Global Warming: begriff einheit ganzheit verbundenheit zussamengehoerigkeit ausdruck bezeichnung vorstellung auffassung idee einsicht and then I found the word sinngehalt, gedankliche einheit einheitlich zusammenhaengend gewachsen natuerlich organisch gleichartig analog parallel harmonisch weltanschauung intim vertraut familiaer persoenlich geheim privat intuition eingebung erleuchtung inspiration geistesblitz funke ahnung instinkt irdisch verfuckinggaenglich erdgebunden weltlich zeitgebunden endlich profan lieblich fleischlich impuls antrieb impulsiv leidenschaftlich vehement heftig hitzig the story fiction the idyll idyllic GW logo animated for pulse film, out of this world unspoiled idealised fantasy fiction story tale MELANCHOLY despair gloom mournfulness heaviness sadness desolation..the heat in the sun is you..oh..too many complexities processor can’t compute information overload robot can’t compute. then pulse film heat wave red droughts yellow heavy rainfall blue repetitive act of finding not searching unselective not picking a precious collection a bit stupid a fair share of what you find that time..what the tide brought in this day. violence in work. imagine life without media mark making beaten up by life drumming carving hammering chiseling hitting the drum for a noise working the wood like punching stabbing attacking violence aggression anger..the sea to the people stuck in systems the vision of withdrawal. pre apocalypse tribal life living amongst objects living with objects developing a dream for escape call this an exhibition nature in a mountain cave. everyone should be aware everyday with everything. living in the city (like i live in london) I get so upset witnessing all that shit I don’t want to see.. create a cult community…random expression notions thoughts unmanifested expressions .drum. it starts and ends with me. windows fictions not sure..attack through withdrawal passive attack non violent attack and then global warming is an influence in materials but not a limit or a role model there is real life my real life daily environment. cut off the space. outside you are off, inside you are on. emphasise the hideout, the paintings are expressions beat percussive energies pulling pushing accelerating merging melting, dancers, devils death and forces of life, rough beasts, pulsation surge vibration. dance movement, a fight of forces, you know more about this than me, I just imagine dancers fighters attackers the frames continue this raw mark making, again violence of the attack, personalising, preparing for ceremony, totempfahl communicating thru mark making, relation to the drumming, there is tone, loudness, rhythm, tempo.

Yours sincerely franziska lantz

PS: GLOBALWARMINGRECORDS founded to make public these multitudes of sounds and musics produced in private over the last decade. first release by dpm357x “greenlands melting glaciers” out this september.