NYU Berlin Studio Art MA Exhibition



Opening: 10.08.13

Curated by David Darts and Delia Gonzalez
Hours: Saturday–Wednesday 12.00pm–6.00pm

Participating Artists: Brandy Antonio, Malina Boreyko, Susan Guthrie and Seth Stolbun

The Steinhardt School of Culture, Education and Human Development and Supportico Lopez, are pleased to announce KUNSTKLUB, the 2013 New York University Berlin Studio Art MA Final show. The exhibition will survey the work the artists produced during their 5-week Residency in Berlin. The show brings together four artists who create powerful and visual narratives that reflect a shared interest in exploring the boundary between identity, the ephemeral and cultural stereotypes and in deconstructing the intrinsic strangeness of collective society and technological interference. The exhibition features thesis works by Malina Boreyko and Susan Guthrie along with new works by Graduate students Brandy Antonio and Seth Stolbun.

Brandy Antonio is an artist and teacher based in New York City. She earned her BFA in Illustration from the Fashion Institute of Technology and is currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in Art Education at New York University. Working primarily in black, neutral tones and brief appearances of color, Brandy’s focus on gestured central figures and mark, giving the work an accessible quality. Her most recent works pull influences from the CoBrA and Gutai movements using gestured brushstrokes in acrylic and oil sticks. She investigates the precariousness of creating roundness and its typical association with perfection. Her anti aesthetic approach invites the viewer to explore energy and abstraction within shape. “We are all complex beings with portions of uniqueness tattooed in every corner. To me art and teaching are synonymous. As I teach, my students are teaching me and as I guide my brushes, my work guides me. This is the exchange our lives offer. What is more humbling than that? Antonio’s work has been exhibited at Space Womb, NYC and Artspace, NYC.

Malina Boreyko lives and works in Brooklyn, New York. She attended Bard and Skidmore College, graduating with a major in Art History and minor in Studio Art with a focus on printmaking. She has also completed a post-graduate intensive non-degree in Museum Studies with Smith College and is currently completing an MA with New York University. Boreyko works with installation, painting, drawing and printmaking. She is additionally involved in the New York curatorial community with museums, galleries and non-for-profit organizations. Through subconscious cartography, her work presents an exploration of the complexities and contrasts within the individual persona. Manipulation of the line allows transcendence through time, suspension between contrasts and entrance into unrealized perceptions of reality. “Subconscious cartography creates a platform for us to examine our existence within cultural and societal stereotypes, understanding our role as both female and male, delicate yet aggressive.” Her work has been exhibited at San Giovanni Evangelista Cemetery, Venice,The Judson Space, NYC and at Autocenter, Berlin.

Susan Guthrie is a seasoned Art Instructor in Kalispell, Montana, USA. She earned a Master’s of Art History from Studio Art Centers International, Florence, Italy/Bowling Green State University, Ohio and her Bachelor of Science in Art and Music Education from University of Montana Western. She is the recipient of several awards including The People’s Choice Award at the Hockaday Museum of Art and is Director of the Board for a Non Profit Art Center. Her work is a meditation questioning the profound unsustainable effects that technology has on every aspect of our world in the name of advancement. It synthesizes the duality of themes involving life and death, strength and vulnerability, oppression and protection, desire and suffering, desolation and unification. The visual references of her installations have contemporary freshness and use of nontraditional color. They are a poetic statement that illuminates beauty and quotes an antiquated style reminiscent of Jugendstil while pointing to the signals our crippled globe presently reveals. She has had three solo exhibitions, one of which was selected by the Montana Art Gallery Director’s Association. She participates in multiple auctions and group exhibitions. Her work has been featured in the SACI Gallery and Maidoff Gallery, Florence, San Giovanni Evangelista Cemetery, Venice and Autocenter Berlin.

Seth Stolbun was born in Houston, Texas. He attended Babson College in Wellesley, Massachusetts and received a B.S. in Business Administration with a concentration in Entrepreneurship. He has since worked in many start-up companies in various roles, but was always most attracted to the roles where he could be creative and work with creative groups. This show is the culmination of his work in the New York University Advanced Certificate Program for Studio Art. Stolbun’s work is a part of a larger search for his personal identity. The work focuses on varies areas of Stolbun’s self-identity. Most unique to this work is a response to being a third generation American Jew living and working in Berlin. For him Berlin and its history make it impossible for him not to be more aware of himself and his family’s history. Stolbun had his first solo show “Federated Adolescence” earlier this year at War’Hous Visual Studios in Houston, Texas. In the fall he will be continuing his education in the studio at the Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore Maryland.