Mass No.2

Supportico Lopez presents The Performance Agency
“The Topography of Chance” at Archivio Conz*

Friday 15th December 2017, 7pm

An evening with: 

Gerry Bibby
Juliette Bilghtman
Tina Braegger
Sergio Cena
Dorothy Iannone
Ro Hofmann
Lisa Holzer
Nuri Koerfer
Quinn Latimer
Lawrence Sky Walking
Lonely Boys
Paul Sharits
Daniel Spoerri

*Archivio Conz houses artworks, documents, editions and personal belongings collected and catalyzed by Francesco Conz (Cittadella 1935-Verona 2010) over the course of more than 30 years. More than a collector, he worked closely with artists from the mail artistic Avant-garde movements of his time -Fluxus, Concret Poetry, Actionism and Letterism. He left an archive of more than three thousand items

Archivio Conz
10589 Berlin
S+U Bahnof Jungfernheide